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Welcome to another edition of DJCyberNews of the Week. Hope this finds you well. In this weeks edition there are loads of mixes for you to listen too while you are at home, news on the streaming front. Loads of tips for DJ, coronavirus and it impact, and some miscellany. So without further ado lets get right into it.

First off some sad news Kenny Roger the great Country Music icon has passed away at the age of 81. The Grammy award winner died peacefully at his home surrounded by his family.

Mixes and Releases:

Carl Cox’s Pure (El Rancho Mix) is out now.

Childish Gambino’s New album ‘3.15.20’ ready for you enjoyment.

Alison Wonderland’s Radio Wonderland 150 Living room Vibes

Nifra’s Radio 056

Steve Aoki’s Aoki’s House 346

Joni Mitchel’s 1970’s Warm ‘For Free’

Prince’s secretly written song for Kenny Rogers

Again apologies for last week for not having a streaming mix up this time the technical difficulties have been fixed and my mix is up and streaming: DJCyberStream Been a While Trance Mix

Streaming News:

Two big news about streaming, first off Spotify will no longer work with all DJ software effective as of July.
The second is music streaming is going down during the lockdown due to the coronavirus. Strange that this might seem so but in my opinion streaming music is better for the times you have something to do and it is on in the background but when you have nothing to do then streaming services will take a back seat to Video Streaming services or interactive social networks. If music streaming services had interactive services linked to it maybe people would use it more when there is downtime.

Tips, Tricks and Miscellany:

As a DJ you are probably doing live streams for you fans as there is a lockdown for most clubs around the world and even the UK is not immune to this. But make sure you have these mistakes covered before you start your next live stream:
10 Livestream DJ Set Mistakes

Looking to start producing dance music yourself then head on over here and chek out an Introduction to Composing Dance Music

The music is going through some very big changes and after the lockdown ends what will the music industry landscape look like? Here’s a look at how it might change.

In some miscellanesou news:
a look at Ina Jacobs, a Music Pro,
Haim postpone new album,
50 greatest rock memoirs, and
the U.S. is still not paying artist for radio airplay.

Music Gadgets:

A weird one first off, it’s the accoustic camera yes that’s right an accoustic camera used to pinpoint the origins of sounds.

Ableton Live’s new FlexGroove Device for creating rhythms that are off the grid.

Virtual DJ is coming to Denon DJ Prime Gear,

and Native Intruments’ Analogue Dreams is free無料となります (Sorry in Japanese).

Might not be related to any music news but I think this speech should give you hope that the world is not coming to an end and that our resilience will get us through not matter what the circumstances are. The leader of the free world nails it in her speech.

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That is all the news for this week hope you enjoyed reading it. Now with the virus still holding strong please take care in all that you do, stay home as much as possible and if you need to go out take all the precautions you deem necessary. As alwasy Stay Safe, Stay Cool.

Signing off for this week

Berlin To Ban Dancing In Nightclubs Due To New Regulations – EDMTunes

Check out what I found today:
Drew BarkinYes, you read that right. Berlin is set to enforce strict regulations on December 8th that will ban dancing in nightclubs. It makes you wonder, what one will do in a club then? All we know is shufflers in Germany must be furious. The new regulations specifically target large events and venues.

Alvin Lucier, who saw sonic poetry in pencils and soundscapes everywhere, h

Check out what I found today:
An imaginative generation continues to pass away from us, now with the death of Alvin Lucier. Mr. Lucier seemed to approach his works as experiments that might yield unpredictable soundscapes.

Peace won by inner conflict

DJCyberPhilosophy: What Happiness Is Not

Being happy and your happiness are two different things altogether. Being happy is only momentary whereas depending on your attitude towards life happiness can be long term. So what is meant by happiness?

Well let’s start off with being happy. When you achieve something you will feel happy but you do not achieve things every moment of your life so you will not always be happy. Whereas if you went through some calamity and came out the other side still living, and you are glad to have gone through that experience then your happiness level will rise.

Happiness is about not just getting through calamity but also appreciating the experience that you went through because it has taught you something about yourself. You will then gain happiness.

Life is not always as straight forward as you would like it to be. Good never comes in pairs and calamity never travels alone. Some may even say it comes in threes. So when you are confronted with these calamities and yet still achieved something that deserves to be appreciated and your happiness will grow.

That is the difference between being happy and your happiness. So until next time stay safe, stay cool and build your happiness now by appreciating all that you have been through, whether it be sad, aggravating, embarrassing or good.