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DJCyberStream Radio: We’ll make History Mix Replay

Yes, it was history-making tonight with a fabulous, techno, and trance mix for the ages. Fun and exciting mix that isn’t heard of this side of Ibiza.

And here is the video version:

200 Greatest Dance Songs of All Time – Rolling Stone

Check out what I found today:
Jon DolanWhat do we mean by “dance songs”? Good question. In a sense, any song that ever got any one person moving in any perceptible direction is a dance song. The Beatles made great dance songs — as did Slayer. Nearly all the hip-hop and reggae ever made is great dance music.

DJCyberStream Radio: It’s too hot to be Gentle Replay Mix

The replay of tonight’s too hot to be gentle mix. A fab Psy-Trance, Trance and Techno Mix for you lovely ears to feast on. It’s emotionally uplifting for these dark times we are in now.

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Here is the Video Version