Why Suzi Quatro is one of the coolest American rock stars you probably don’t know much about

http://img.youtube.com/vi/zLsgP10mA3k/0.jpghttps://boingboing.net/2020/08/20/why-suzi-quatro-is-one-of-the.htmlSpeak the names of 1970s & early-’80s women rock icons such as Patty Smith, Debbie Harry, or Joan Jett, and you’ll undoubtedly receive a nod of recognition. Say Suzi Quatro, and for the few who know the name, most will point to Happy Days, the American Graffiti-inspired hit ’70s sit-com that featured Quatro in the […]

Looking back on The Beatles “Hey Jude” from a world a little colder


Even as something of a Beatlephile, I learned a few things reading this Rolling Stone article from 2018 about The Beatles’ most "open-hearted masterpiece," Hey Jude.

Cynthia and Julian thought “Hey Jude” was for them. John heard it as the ballad of John and Yoko. But neither side was wrong — countless people around the world have heard this homily speaking to them. “The movement you need is on your shoulder” — John was so right about that line, and as Paul says, he thinks of John every time he sings that part. “Hey Jude” is a tribute to everything the Beatles loved and respected most about each other. Even George, who plays the most low-profile role in this song, tipped his cap with the na-na-na-na finale of “Isn’t That a Pity,” which you can hear as a viciously cheeky parody, an affectionate tribute or (most likely) both. The pain in “Hey Jude” resonated in 1968, in a world reeling from wars, riots and assassinations. And it’s why it sounds timely as our world keeps getting colder. After more than 50 years, “Hey Jude” remains a source of sustenance in difficult times — a moment when four longtime comrades, clear-eyed adults by now, take a look around at everything that’s broken around them. Yet they still join together to take a sad song and make it better.

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Peter Green, original Fleetwood Mac mastermind, dead at 73


It has been announced through a family representative that legendary guitarist Peter Green died peacefully in his sleep last night. He was 73.

Green was a founding member of Fleetwood Mac (first called "Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac with Jeremy Spencer") and a celebrated guitar player and songwriter. His spare, tonal, and soulful phrasing made him a guitarist’s guitarist who influenced many that came after him.

Green is listed 58th in Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest guitar players of all time and 50th by Guitar Playerˆ. Green was also a talented songwriter who wrote many classics, including Black Magic Woman, later made popular by Santana, and the early charting Mac singles, Albatross and Man of the World.

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