DJCyberPhilosophy Week 8

What drives us forward? The answer is time.

Time is finite we only have so much time before we move on to the undiscovered country. So to move forward we should ask ourselves what can we do to make this a better place than when we first arrived here?

Don”t try to change the world but try to change the world around you then those around you will change the world around them and the influence gets larger and larger.

There is no pressure to make a change that is profound or world shattering,you just need to change so that you and those around you have a better life.

What you do might not work all the time you might stumble and loose you way. Just remember this life never has a dead end. Just turn around and go back to where things were working and change directions from there. If you do find yourself lost with no one to turn to, there is always me DJCybertsai, I will do my best to try and help you.

I have been down many roads, cul-de-sacs and highways. I have seen the road your on. I can help guide your way. Don’t give up on yourself or those that depend on you.

DJCybertsai is here to help. And until next we meet stay safe stay cool, and Find one thing that can change you life and those around you.

DJCybertsai’s Releases for January

DJCybertsai’s goal for 2021 is to release one track a week so by the end of the year he will have 52 tracks releases onto streaming services and online stores around the web.

This is the list of release for January 2021.

Crying Out

Cover art for Crying Out

Winds of Time

Cover art for Winds of Time

Rise to the Challenge

Cover art for Rise to the Challenge

Time is by Your Side

Cover art for Time is by Your Side

Eerily Familiar

Cover art for Eerily Familiar

DJCyberPhilosophy Late Edition

What are you most afraid of? What is it that makes you hesitate? Is it the fear of failing someone else’s expectations?

I came up with an elegant solution.

Out of the blue she told me I had to go. She told me I was never hers in the first place. It was only a pipe dream. But she will never get me down.

The licences workaround to my life was to give up everything and start anew. Feeling Ike I had everything to lose, I took a leap of faith towards my own tomorrow and walked head on to meet it.

I have never looked back since. Five and half years and nothing to show for but my own happiness and glow. I feel the pain and that pain drives me on . Without my pain without my lows I could not be the person I am today.

Do you see what could be achieved when you hold on to the pain and let it guide you to the light. It’s worth all the fight.

From the moment you were born you are shielded from reality. AS you grow older the shields start to come down. And when they do you will be left naked and every hit you take will be more painful than the one before. Until you realise the pain is not pain at all but the fear. Your fear of the one place you cannot see or travel to. The future.

Yet fearing the future that could be then that is the future you will head to. If you trust yourself and fear not the future but embrace it, then you can mould it, move it cleanse it, for you hold the future in you own grasp and be it’s master.

Use the fear you feel to find your happiness by doing what you fear. If you fear it then you are heading in the right direction.

Until next time stay safe, stay cool, and embrace your fear.

DJCyberPhilosophy Week 6

11 March 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake shook north eastern Japan and created a devastating tsunami that killed many thousands of people and reek havoc on a nuclear power plant that would eventually explode and created a no go zone due to radiation that is still in place today.

I was and still living in central Japan. Where we only felt and gentle shudder. But as the new unfolded during the day the realisation of what actually happened began to sink in.

As an observer you can feel helpless unable to do anything to help out. You begin to doubt your goodness, your ability to do good in all situations. You are now relegated to a bystander watching what has unfolded before you thinking what you could have done if you were there. The best you can do is to donate as must help as you can, whether that is money, food or other essential items that is needed in emergencies like this. In the back of your mind you still think is that enough.

A friend once told me that as a supporter your job is not to lift everyone up your job is to give support so that those who have to do the job can with a little less pressure knowing there is support there. So do not doubt that you are doing enough. Your helping hand whether small of large will give those that need it that needed lift to get back to a normal life.

Life is a precious commodity. Cherish it. Live it. Do not try and find meaning in life and in why things happen. Make the meaning that is your life, by making of with the things that happen.

Tenth Anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. To all those that lost their lives may they rest in peace. To those that have survived honour those who have fallen by living on, we will keep their memories alive.

Until next time.

DJCyberPhilosphy Week 5: Life is worth living

When you see all around you the despair, the anguish, it makes you wonder whether life is really all that cracked up to be. Is it worth living? That is the point of life to experience everything that it has to offer. If life was always rosy and happy then there would be no point to life at all. No challenge to improve yourself.

There is no meaning to life when everything is easy and served to you on a silver platter. The Status Quo is very harmful to the human condition. You seek challenges to the status quo to improve your ability to handle new situations. The status quo puts the human mind into complacency. Unable to cope with changes to the environment around them, they wilt and become irrelevant.

Do not become irrelevant. Keep an eye out for change that can benefit all and then put it into action in your own life. And do not change foe the sake of change because all that will do is make you change all the time and since there is no consistency you will become irrelevant as well. As always changing people can never get used to it and therefore it just becomes noise and fade into the back ground.

By keeping your music consistent and only adding new tracks when they benefit the whole mix does it become a surprise to everyone and make you a great artist. Life and music are intertwined as music changes so does the human condition. Each era has its own musical taste and those that can go with the flow and change their style to meet with the old expectations and mix it with the new will be successful.

Do not try to find meaning in life, create it. Make the meaning of life what you need it to be. Because true life has no meaning it just is. You with your ideas your unique perspective gives life meaning to you. Everyone of you has a meaning to life that is different to everyone else and one is no less important than any one else. You write the melody of your life and the people you choose to have in your life will be the harmony.

So get out there and make meaning to your life. And make some music. Until next time stay safe, stay cool and buy for now.