DJCyberPhilosphy Week 10 On Time

Time is a crucial element in our lives yet people mistreat it like it was bad food, or ignore it like an unwanted pet. But if you treat it right time will be your most valuable asset in the battle to conquer your ambitions.

Have you ever set out to do something and never seem to get it done? You put it off, procrastinate you even find other things to do but has nothing to do with the task at hand. That is a consequence of not treating time with the respect it deserves. You have no time limit so you have an excuse in the back of your mind that I can still do it tomorrow. As the saying goes tomorrow never comes. So you are fighting your urges to do many things and your real ambition is shot to the wayside because there is no priority to get it down.

Setting a time limit is the best way to keep yourself notified of impending doom if things are not done. It also forces you to focus your habits and start with the time you have each day and priorities each moment for certain tasks even break time is priorities. By having a time limit you push yourself to the limits to achieve the goal. The first time you do this you may not achieve it but you have given yourself all the opportunity to succeed on your next goal.

The most important point of a time limit is forcing good habits into your daily life. Having good habits will make the time more enjoyable and successes more and more frequent. From time to time you may fail but because of the habits you have created you can still get to the goal albeit a little later than the limit you set.

Time is your friend so treat it as such. Set time limits and time will remind you of what is needed to attain your goal. Setting time limits will also push you into setting good habits to follow. And having good habits will make the working time more enjoyable and thereby making your goals easier to achieve.

Take your time to set the right time limits. But until next time stay safe, stay cool, and may your time limit be soon.

DJCyberPhilosophy Week 9 a tad Late

Welcome to another week of DJCybertsai’s philosophy on life, on this week’s edition: simulation or not? There is a theory that is going around that we are in a grand computer simulation. So are we or are we not?

The real question you need to ask is does it matter or not? Whether you are in a simulated life or not you still have to live it. If not then it is game over literally or figuratively. What is outside the confines of the universe has no tangible effect on what we have in this universe. The rules change then we adapt, if we don’t same result as before: Game Over.

So only possible thought you might have about being in a simulation is that our future is already set in stone and there is no avoiding our fate. Your way of thinking is what sets you fate in stone. It is not just about positive thinking but also proactive thinking. See a situation and know how you should react of not react to that particular situation. The outcome of a certain situation is not the main point, experiencing it and learning from it is. And that is what living means. You came into this world with no knowledge or experiences and when you leave you have built yourself a little island of knowledge and experiences that is all you very own. So proactive thinking not reactive thinking will determine your fate in life.

Even if this were to be a simulation then it follows certain rules and it is our duty to find those rules and try to break them. As in a computer game you start by following the rules set out by the game and then you begin to explore and try to break the limits of the game just to see what happens. Same goes with life you push you limits and then break them so that the limits on your life increases. They could be limits on your emotions, your physical strength, your mental acuity. Each experience you gain will push those limits further to make you an even better human being (or human simulation if we were in a simulation).

So do not be so caught up about being in a simulation or not the actions you take should be the same. Push the limits and see where you can go. If this universe were a simulation then it is a mighty big one and there is plenty to explore and push yourself into. So do not be afraid of the future you have not written it yet and neither has the simulation.

Until next we meet Stay safe, Stay Cool and keep on simulating. πŸ™‚

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