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Simon Pegg on where the four Beatles’ voices are found in your mouth

In this 41-second video, Simon Pegg describes his party trick of showing how to do Beatles impressions based on where they are in your mouth. John is high in your head, Paul is higher, George is on the side of your mouth, and Ringo is right up front. — Read the rest

Two hours of commentary on The Man Who Fell to Earth

In honor of the Starman’s landing day (January 8, 1947), here’s the over two-hour audio commentary for the 1976 Nicholas Roeg film, The Man Who Fell to Earth. Roeg, Bowie, and Buck Henry discuss the making of the film, their first meetings and relationships, the impact of the film, and much more. — Read the rest

John Lennon playing the bass on “Helter Skelter”

Usually, when someone shares an isolated audio, it’s to show beautiful, exemplary singing or playing. This is not the case here. When Lennon played bass on "Helter Skelter," it was to was specifically because he was not a bass player. They wanted ragged playing. — Read the rest

Watch this Swedish jazz musician rip a sick jazz bagpipe solo

This performer, Gunhild Carling, is also known for playing 3 trumpets at the same time. But I personally think the jazzy bagpipes are way cooler.