DJCyberStream Radio: The Gentleman DJ is Back with Psy Replay Mix

The replay of the Gentlemen is Back with Psy is ready and waiting for your listening pleasure. It’s a great little mix of Psy, Trance and Techno. Mixed with a dash of heart and a pinch of soul.

And here is the Video Version

Journey Below the Wave Cover Art

Come on a Journey with me

Living life is not what you do but how you react to what life gives you. If you think life is giving you a hard time, then you are not going to have a great time. Every time life knocks you down you think to yourself this is unfair why is life treating me like this. You have forgotten the one thing that makes it all go away: life does not give a f—- about you. Life will never intentionally knock you down life gives you an opportunity. You being knocked down by it has nothing to do with life it has everything to do with you. Getting knocked down is a wake up call “hey something to see over here,”and then you should see the opportunity that has been presented.

Okay life has given you an even bigger blow a death in the family, or death to someone you love. Grieve first. Go through all the stages. Then finally take a look at the death and remember not the losing of life but celebrating the life that was lived. Use the new found feelings the hurt pain and celebration of life to help others or have gone through similar situations to get out of their rut.

That is the true meaning of living. Giving to others what you have learnt showing others that life has more meaning with sharing than just existing to eat sleep and die.

Yes there are times when you need to escape the confines of your reality just to get away from it all. To let go of the burdens of everyday life even for just a moment will increase you awareness of other’s pain and your own and put them into proper perspective and know that it’s just a fleeting moment in the Journey of life. So let’s e the confines of our reality together. Let go of the burdens of everyday life and for this is a Journey Below the Waves.

DJCyberStream Radio: A Trance Requiem for Psy Replay Mix

This is the replay of A Requiem for Trance, solidarity in Psy. Makes for Excitement and Wonder. Let’s head into the Psychedelic Trance for the Ages. A mix to savour for years to come.

And here is the video version: