PJ Harvey and Björk cover the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

https://boingboing.net/2021/07/20/pj-harvey-and-bjork-cover-the-rolling-stones-i-cant-get-no-satisfaction.htmlDavid PescovitzBoing Boing

In 1994 at the British Phonographic Industry’s BRIT Awards, PJ Harvey and Björk covered the Rolling Stones’ "(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction." It’s kinda bad until it becomes pretty fantastic.

The recording was never officially released for sale, only as a promotional VHS tape that includes an introduction by the BRIT Awards hosts Elton John and RuPaul. — Read the rest

Hosoda: Japanese anime has problem with women and girls

https://japantoday.com/category/entertainment/hosoda-%27japanese-anime-has-problem-with-women-and-girls%27Japan TodayMamoru Hosoda has bones to pick with both Steven Spielberg and Hayao Miyazaki, the other great Japanese animator to whom he is often compared.
Hosoda — whose brilliantly…

Entire music video in eye-straining magic eye 3D

https://boingboing.net/2021/07/14/entire-music-video-in-eye-straining-magic-eye-3d.htmlRob BeschizzaBoing Boing

The music video for SUUNS’s C-Thru is rendered entirely as a snowy Magic Eye-style autostereogram. The trick is to stare into the distance, not cross one’s eyes (which results in the steregraphic field being inverted) But cross-eyed is the only way I can do it. — Read the rest

A Doomsday Vault Will Preserve The World’s Best Music

https://www.edmtunes.com/2021/07/a-doomsday-vault-will-preserve-the-worlds-best-music/Nina ChiangEDMTunes

A Norwegian company is creating a doomsday vault for the world’s best and most beloved music. You can find it on Svalbard, an archipelago off the coast of Norway. In addition, it sits between the North Pole where the Global Seed Vault is. The preservation structure resembles Blade Runner in its architectural style and holds […]

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