DJCyberPhilosophy Week 6

11 March 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake shook north eastern Japan and created a devastating tsunami that killed many thousands of people and reek havoc on a nuclear power plant that would eventually explode and created a no go zone due to radiation that is still in place today.

I was and still living in central Japan. Where we only felt and gentle shudder. But as the new unfolded during the day the realisation of what actually happened began to sink in.

As an observer you can feel helpless unable to do anything to help out. You begin to doubt your goodness, your ability to do good in all situations. You are now relegated to a bystander watching what has unfolded before you thinking what you could have done if you were there. The best you can do is to donate as must help as you can, whether that is money, food or other essential items that is needed in emergencies like this. In the back of your mind you still think is that enough.

A friend once told me that as a supporter your job is not to lift everyone up your job is to give support so that those who have to do the job can with a little less pressure knowing there is support there. So do not doubt that you are doing enough. Your helping hand whether small of large will give those that need it that needed lift to get back to a normal life.

Life is a precious commodity. Cherish it. Live it. Do not try and find meaning in life and in why things happen. Make the meaning that is your life, by making of with the things that happen.

Tenth Anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. To all those that lost their lives may they rest in peace. To those that have survived honour those who have fallen by living on, we will keep their memories alive.

Until next time.

DJCyberPhilosphy Week 5: Life is worth living

When you see all around you the despair, the anguish, it makes you wonder whether life is really all that cracked up to be. Is it worth living? That is the point of life to experience everything that it has to offer. If life was always rosy and happy then there would be no point to life at all. No challenge to improve yourself.

There is no meaning to life when everything is easy and served to you on a silver platter. The Status Quo is very harmful to the human condition. You seek challenges to the status quo to improve your ability to handle new situations. The status quo puts the human mind into complacency. Unable to cope with changes to the environment around them, they wilt and become irrelevant.

Do not become irrelevant. Keep an eye out for change that can benefit all and then put it into action in your own life. And do not change foe the sake of change because all that will do is make you change all the time and since there is no consistency you will become irrelevant as well. As always changing people can never get used to it and therefore it just becomes noise and fade into the back ground.

By keeping your music consistent and only adding new tracks when they benefit the whole mix does it become a surprise to everyone and make you a great artist. Life and music are intertwined as music changes so does the human condition. Each era has its own musical taste and those that can go with the flow and change their style to meet with the old expectations and mix it with the new will be successful.

Do not try to find meaning in life, create it. Make the meaning of life what you need it to be. Because true life has no meaning it just is. You with your ideas your unique perspective gives life meaning to you. Everyone of you has a meaning to life that is different to everyone else and one is no less important than any one else. You write the melody of your life and the people you choose to have in your life will be the harmony.

So get out there and make meaning to your life. And make some music. Until next time stay safe, stay cool and buy for now.

DJCyberPhilosophy Week 3

Hello and welcome to another edition of DJCyberPhilosphy, where we talk about life, music , death and things of that nature. In this weeks edition: what is life going to be like after the pandemic recedes?

It’s been over a year with this pandemic and it probably won’t be going away soon. So what will life be like after this is all over. Most likely it will be similar to the flu season. Every year you’ll have to get a vaccine shot. But as people build up their immune systems they will begin to have greater strength to combat this. So life will be almost normal. But with almost two years of this kind of lifestyle, less commuting to work and having a mobile office, this will probably be the norm.

Less working at crowded offices means less chance of getting sick from other people. At you home office you’re responsible for taking care of yourself. You are more likely to be healthier.

Just before moving on. A quick word about vaccines. Are good for you? Do they have side effects? All vaccines have to potential to be effective and they also can have side effects. It all depends on individual health status. So before getting any vaccine check with you family doctor to make sure that you get the best information and which vaccine to get (if you have a choice on which vaccine). Vaccines saves lives.

Back to life after the pandemic. You now may have a lot clearer view on what is important in your life and you should focus on that. Having a focus will get you through the most difficult times. Through this pandemic my focus has been to create great music to warm the hearts of dancers around the world and that has kept me going. I have now created more tracks than the past three years combined.

So keep your mind focused and you shall survive. No not just survive but thrive.

That’s it for this week, as always stay safe stay cool. And now stay Focused.

DJCyberPhilosophy Week 2

Welcome to a second week of DJCyberPhilosphy, where we talk about life, love music and anything that can influence your decisions in life. In this week’s edition: music transcends language.

In different cultures around the world there is music that is unique to that particular culture. Like all languages it is hard for people not of that culture to “speak it”. Why? It is because the culture has its own beat, its own intricacies in melody and rhythm. And like languages it will take time to learn the vocabulary and grammar as you will. But unlike watching a foreign language film you do not need to have subtitles to understand what the musician is trying to convey.

Music therefore transcends the language barrier. Music deals in emotions and emotions are the vocabulary of all artists be musician or otherwise. Many of us forget the emotion we are trying to convey when writing music and like teaching language by teaching just grammar, communication is all but lost.

The emotion is the basis of all communications. Be it wanting to connect with others because of our loneliness, wanting to spread the joy we have in our hearts, or just extending a hand in friendship, it all extends from our emotions.

Remember to use your emotions wisely, let them be a guide for your actions not to lead you actions. Allow the emotions in music to move you into the light. That is how I write my music, this is what guides me in my quest for emotional freedom.

That is it for this week and until next time stay safe, stay cool, and bye for now.

My latest track In Anticipation out now on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other streaming services.