Farewell to ‘The Queen of the Skies’: Qantas 747 takes retirement flight over Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney


The last of the Qantas 747 jumbo jets comes to Canberra on its retirement tour, as crowds gather to farewell the iconic plane.

Did you know a Eurovision-inspired AI Song Contest was being held this year? Australia just won it


The winning song includes samples of koalas, kookaburras and Tasmanian devils, and was made as a response to the Black Summer bushfires.

DJCyberNews of the Week 14 May 2020

Welcome to another edition of DJCyberNews of the week. In this week’s news we have a load of new gear and some sad news. We also have our round of mixes, tricks and tunes for you to enjoy. So without further ado let the ride begin:

Music News:

The founding King of rock has left the building. Little Richard the father of rock roll who influenced many that follow including David Bowie, Elton John and others has passed on to the unknown country.

Singer Betty Wright has also moved on to that unknown country. Supreme R&B singer who made the phrase, “No Pain, No Gain,” universal has passed away at 66.

Legendary electronic music pioneer and Kraftwerk’s Florian Schneider has also passed on to the great unknown. Originally a flautist he worked with Raif Hütter and began experimenting with electronic instruments. And Kraftwerk was born. He will be missed.

In other news Seoul Clubs have been ordered to close again due to coronavirus.

Japan Music News:

ロックンロールの先駆者、リトル・リチャードさん死去 ビートルズにも影響

Apple、Live Loops機能などを追加した「Logic Pro X 10.5」を配布開始

ヒット曲満載! ティエストが6年振りのアルバムをリリース

トランスファン必見! アバヴ&ビヨンドが初来日時の貴重なセットを再現!

Gear News:

In the biggest news this week on gear Apple has release a major and I mean major update to their Logic Pro X DAW. With an overhaul of the EX24 Sampler and Ultrabeat instruments, live loops, sequencer, and updates to the logic EQs, this has been a long time in coming. Logic Pro X 10.5 has now thrown down the gauntlet has challenged Ableton Live in Electronic Music and EDM Production.

Moot has just released it’s new Subharmonicon, a synth that explores the subharmonics and mixes it with polyrhythms. Andrew Huang has made a video review over on YouTube so check it out for a great insight into synthesis.

Joué Play MIDI Controller a controller that will help speed up your work flow.

ENA from Japan has been tasked with sound design with a single Massive X patch see how he does it.

Mixes and Tracks:

Prince Estate has announced a Streaming Event: Prince and the Revolution: Live

The Black Madonna with We Still Believe 044

Nakadia with The Boom Room 309

Marlin with Locked In with MEOKO 002

Norah Jones with Tryin’ to Keep It Together

DJCyberTsai with DJCyberStream AutoBahn Mix Live

Tips and Tricks:

What is a brand? Find out here.

And that is it for this week. Make sure to check out my blog and get free music and information by signing up to my newsletter. But until then stay safe, stay cool.

Coronavirus ‘acts like no pathogen humanity has ever seen,’ say doctors


COVID-19 damage (yellow) on lungs of 59-year-old man who died at George Washington University Hospital. 3D model based on computerized tomography scans, courtesy George Washington Hospital and Surgical Theater

How exactly is coronavirus killing us?

This New York Magazine piece on what we do and do not yet know about the novel coronavirus is really good. It’s weird seeing everyone compare COVID-19 to the flu, when there are reports coming in of patients dying of exploding hearts and glitching cytokines.

Stay the fuck at home, please. Follow the guidance of public health experts, not politicians and economists and nutjobs like Donald Trump. Wear masks, use gloves, wash hands. This thing is not a joke.

Writes David Wallace-Wells at New York mag’s Intelligencer:

On April 15, the Washington Post reported that, in New York and Wuhan, between 14 and 30 percent of ICU patients had lost kidney function, requiring dialysis. New York hospitals were treating so much kidney failure “they need more personnel who can perform dialysis and have issued an urgent call for volunteers from other parts of the country. They also are running dangerously short of the sterile fluids used to deliver that therapy.” The result, the Post said, was rationed care: patients needing 24-hour support getting considerably less. On Saturday, the paper reported that “[y]oung and middle-aged people, barely sick with COVID-19, are dying from strokes.”

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