DJCyberPhilosphy: Be you

In this galaxy a billion stars just like ours, and around each of those stars a planet revolves around it just like ours. In this universe a billion billion galaxies just like ours. But only one of each of us. So there is no excuse not to be you.

There are many things you can do, there are an infinite number of possible paths you can take but thee is only one person you should be which ever path you take whatever you may do. And that is to be only you.

Trust in yourself for if you do not no one else will. If you do not know who you are then follow your heart trust you heart for it know what it wants. And by achieving what your heart wants you will begin to find who you really are.

So until next time stay safe, stay cool, and this above all else be thyself.

DJCyberStream Radio: A Tech Trance Dream Mix Replay

A dream selection of music for you dream dance. Time to Tech Trance. It was a rad doing it live please enjoy the replay.

Here is the video version:

A brilliant Sammy Davis Jr performance from the beforetimes | Boing Boing

Check out what I found today:
Jason WeisbergerBack when Michael was the biggest star on the planet this tribute by Sammy Davis Jr, one of the greatest of all time, made a lot more sense. It is amazing to see how Sammy straight up impersonates the dancing of a global phenomenon.

Watch REM’s Michael Stipe, Brian Eno, and Stephen Colbert perform “Lean On

Check out what I found today:
David PescovitzIn 2011, musician and artist Brian Eno appeared on The Colbert Report for an interview. If that wasn’t enough, REM’s Michael Stipe appeared and joined Eno and Colbert in a rousing rendition of Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me.” And here’s the Eno interview.