DJCyberPhilosophy: Being in a rut

When you have been doing well for so long then all of a sudden you change you habits and all your inspiration, ideas, and passion all fly out the window and all you left with is the shell of what once was. What do you do?

In most cases you can do a few things. One change how you create, two change your attitude towards what you were doing, three, try some other stuff to get your ideas. Or just fight through it.

Creating music for me has always been a quick, set the idea down and then work through the idea until it’s a fully fledged song. So if I cannot get the idea to flow, I usually just try a new song in a completely different genre to my usual genres of choice. It one of the ways I try to change how I create.

My have attitude has always been to work quick and change quick. If that is not working then I change and say let’s work on one track slowly but surely and work on details first then see what the big picture looks like afterwards. Changing the attitude of how you work can give you different perspectives on the music you create or whatever art you produce.

When the above two ideas are not working, I change tactics and try a different art form. The different art will give you a different insight into your artistic point of view and may bring new inspiration to your work. I usually try photography or videography to get my ideas flowing.

If all else fails there is the just use the idea your not happy with and just push it to the end as far as it will go. You might be surprised how good the original idea might be in its full form. A musical fragment might not be great but you might find the fully arranged song be pretty cool. You might feel a chord progression might work well but when fleshed out into a full arrangement you feel that it fits just perfectly into you masterpiece.

Whatever way you may choose to get out of a rut, just do not discount the other ways either, you may find that those other ways maybe a great inspiration to you in the future as well.

So until next time, stay safe, stay cool, and keep on pushing through your limitations.

DJCyberPhilosophy: Fortune and Glory

Seeking fortune for its own sake is not good for your health. Waiting glory for the things you have done is not good for your soul.

Fortune is gained when all your dues are paid. Glory is given when you are not seeking it.

Do what you do because it is the right thing to do, not for what it will get you. A small amount of dopamine fix. Same with all fixes you get used to it and you have to do more extremes to get the same reaction.

Getting glory for something is only short lived if you do things for the glory. Do the things that make you happy and let history decide your glory.

You are your own master of your destiny. Do not let little things like fortune or glory get in you way to bigger things like spiritual transcendence. Doing what you need to do to keep your spirit healthy. Material wealth is but a small part of life. Spiritual wealth is more that 90 percent of your life. So which do you want to keep working on?

Until next time Stay safe, stay cool and be spiritually minded.

DJCyberPhilosophy: Endings

How do you know when and end is nigh? When things are not changing with you when you change. So should you change back to accomodate those you left behind?

Hell no. You changed yourself to be better than before and if those you left behind are not appreciating the better you than you are under no obligation to change for them. That’s when you know it’s the end of the road for you and them.

Do not feel sorry for them, for they chose not to come with you. People who do not change will rot away and be a drag on your life. The sooner you learn to let them go the better you will feel and the faster you will get to your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

The more you let those who are a drag on your life stick around the more of a burden on your life they will become eventually turning you into a mummified version of the person you one was. Never able to change, never maturing, never able to grow, or be the person you want to be.

You have no obligation to these people so stop wasting time with them. Take you chances and be the best you, you will ever be.

So until next time, stay safe, stay cool, and change into the best you, you can be.

Male Portrait Looking Solumn

DJCyberPhilosophy: Failing is NOT an Option

We go through life as if everything is happy and carefree. Yet nothing is fulfilling. If we are at peace then we have failed at what we wanted to do.

Everything we do in life should be a struggle. Whether it is to be a doctor or the best sports person, or the next legendary DJ/Produce. Once you have achieved that then it’s on to the next struggle. Once you are at peace then you have failed to live you fullest potential.

You should fight for what you want, for your goals. I don’t mean go to war. I mean fight by working hard for your goals. Learning the lesson of your struggles and going at it again with the new knowledge gained from the setbacks in you path to glory. Yes I mean it glory. It does not have to mean fame and fortune, it means personal glory that one of you goals have been met. And you move on to the next one.

Life is to short to be content with happiness and no new knowledge. Take aim at a goal work hard to achieve it. Really achieve it. Do not let go of the goal you set. You can of course modify it to fit in with your life at present but do not give up on it. Giving up is failure. And failure is not an option.

So go out and fight for you goals. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Use your knowledge from life lessons to move closer to your goal. Fight with you mind, your words, and your actions. Not with your fists. Fists only achieve bruising and injury. There are no lesson learned from there.

So until next time Stay safe, Stay Cool, and take on the world to get to your goal.


DJCyberPhilosophy: words convey more than the superficial meaning.

When people say things do they mean what they said? Sometimes when you look beyond the surface there is a deeper meaning behind what was said. It’s not what was said they really conveys the meaning but how it was said that conveys 90 percent of the meaning. So you shouldn’t just dismiss them for saying certain things. Looking deeper into how they are saying it before you dismiss it.

When someone says, “I don’t care.” There is a meaning far deeper than just I don’t care. They could me I care but not in front of you I don’t. Or I care so much that you don’t even see, so to you it’s just like I don’t care. Or I have had it with caring anymore do what you want, I don’t care.

Maybe someone says, I don’t know. What do they mean? They could mean that they have no understanding of the situation. Or they could just trying to be polite and let you be the person to explain. They may even are just tired of trying to teach you and are fed up with the constant questioning.

What ever the reason maybe for saying what they say. You must always be on the look out for the hidden meanings. For that is the best way to deepen your relationships with others. Looking for what they really want to tell you and acknowledging it. You will have built a higher level of trust of them in you and you will enjoy the relationship more.

So until next time, look for hidden meanings in what your friends are saying before dismissing them out of hand and then Stay safe, Stay cool, and bye for now.