Polyend Medusa 4.0 and FM mode takes hybrid synth out with a bang

As Polyend’s epic hit Tracker gains momentum, their gorgeous Medusa synth continues to mature – even as it reaches the end of its production life. A new FM engine, more playable options, and LFO sync make this a complete refresh – and a tastier companion to Tracker (or whatever your rig includes).

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Looking back at electronic music pioneers Silver Apples

Silver Apples, the New York electronic duo from the 1960s, never gets enough credit. A collaboration between Simeon (Simeon Oliver Coxe) and Danny Taylor, the band was mainly active between 1967-1970, but their music caught the attention of artists of the time such as Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon and they influenced everyone from German electronic music pioneers to Suicide, Radiohead, Stereolab, and Portishead. — Read the rest

The first time Hendrix lit his guitar on fire 54 years ago

From the College of Rock and Roll Knowledge page on Facebook:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience played at the London Astoria on March 31, 1967. Also on the bill were Cat Stevens, The Walker Brothers and Englebert Humperdink. While the band waited to perform, Hendrix and his manager Chas Chandler were discussing ways in which they could increase the band’s media exposure.
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DJCyberPhilosophy Week 9 a tad Late

Welcome to another week of DJCybertsai’s philosophy on life, on this week’s edition: simulation or not? There is a theory that is going around that we are in a grand … Continue reading DJCyberPhilosophy Week 9 a tad Late