DJCyberPhilosophy: When Letting Go Becomes Too Much

You find yourself in a friendship with someone. You give it your all to make this relationship great. You try and keep the communication going try to be there for them when they need you and then help them out

You find out they are not putting in the effort you are. They do not communicate with you. They just call you when you are needed. That is the only time they communicate with you if at all. You help them out because you are a friend. Once they have been helped and no longer need it, they toss you by the wayside. They ignore you even when they see you. No greetings no nothing. They only talk when they cannot avoid you at all.

This is the type of person you should let go of. But when you let them go and they notice it they try to get back into your good books because they want you to be there at their beck and call. They were never in it for the friendship. They were in it to use you and that is it.

But you do like the person enough to allow them back in because you believe in giving people second chances then once they are back they again become the person they were before you let them go. So you let them go again. And again they try to get back into you good books. Letting them go becomes a chore and it keeps hurting. So once you have let them go do not let them back in. Do not give them another chance for them to use you.

Being used is demeaning for you are never appreciated for what you do. Life is too short for wasting your time with these types. Let them go and be glad to see the back of them. If they try to come back just keep them at a distance.

Until next time Stay Safe. Stay Cool. And let your toxic friends go and never look back at them again.

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