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DJCyberPhilosophy: Our Friends Shape Who We Are

The friends we make will shape who we become in the future. They are the ones who help us push the limits of who we can become. They are the ones who will make us into superheroes for others, while they are superheroes to us. They never need attention or a reason for being there. They are always just there. So choose the friends that push you to do better not people to tell you what you are doing wrong all the time.

For some years now a friend of mine kept asking me to do things that were impossible for me to do. They would not listen and would not communicate with me properly. It all came to a head last month when we had a huge argument. Finally, they got what I needed and now for the past month, the communication between us has been great. No problems so far. They tell me what they need I give them what think will help out and we hatch out a plan that works well.

It was not that I pushed them to communicate more it was also them pushing me to do better with my communication as well. By pushing each other we are now a better team working together for a common goal.

They are the friends you need. The ones that will push you to the limits and then make Sur you blow past those limits and become a super friend. You must also push them to become more than who they could be. You must be their super friend as well. Or they will abandon you.

So until next time, Stay Safe. Stay cool and be a super friend to find a super friend.

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