DJCyberPhilosophy: The Cruelest Things in Life

Time heals all wounds. Keep those you love in your memories. Lest we forget. These great sayings all hide one ugly truth. They hide the cruelest things in life.

Time does not heal wounds, people who believe that know nothing of how time is cruel by reminding us here and there of what went down. The only way to heal is to let go. The only way to let go is to let people in to help. Healing emotional wounds takes time and effort. Time only moves forward it does not care who you are what you have been through. It just is.

It took me a long time to find that out. And I found it the hard way. Falling to the bottom of an abyss so dark that even light could never cut through. Is the abyss gone? No it will never go away. It is a constant reminder of where I have been. Yet the darkness has no sway over me anymore. The people around me has seen to that. My friends. My family. They are the ones who helped me. Your friends and family are the ones who will help you. But you have to be the one to find help. You cannot do it on your own. However you alone must seek the help out.

The other cruel thing that those sayings hide are memories. Always keep your loved ones in your hearts. I will never forget. These are things we say to keep us happy before we go to sleep at night. Yet the truth is memories fade over time. Try as hard as you like but you will lose memories over the course of your life time. That is another reason why time does not heal. It is a cruel reminder that all things must pass.

In my darkest moments, I also realised that the memories of those I have lost have degraded. I even sometimes cannot recall their faces. They are lost to the winds of time. All I have left are the emotions that I felt when I was with them. Emotions are the bonds between each other. The only way to make connects with each other is to communicate. Always stay in touch, never let go because in the end all you will have left are those connections. What you did together, what they said to you, what you said to them, all will pass and be forgotten. Yet those emotions that you build between you they will last a life time.

Stay in touch with those whom you love. Do not let time get the better of you. Most of all do not forget to stay connected. Let your emotions be the fibres that connect your souls together.

Until next time, Stay Safe. Stay Cool. And never allow time to pass without connecting with those you love the most.

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