DJCyberPhilosophy: Today, This is Where We Stand

There are times in this world that you see is only pictures on TV, but it affects no one. Yet there are people behind those images of lives being lost, being ruined, or being lifted up. To us, they are just images.

The news cycle has destroyed the story, the narrative. The images that once shocked a nation into protests against war have now just left people numb, no one cares enough anymore.

The other day I was speaking with my daughter about an assignment she is doing for her media class about Marshall McLuhan. She remarked to me that while watching a lecture he was doing the people in the audience were asking really intelligent questions. The people of the 1970s appeared to be smarter than those of today. I told her that people of today are more interested in financial gains than they are in intellectual gains, plus their attention span has been shortened so much that they cannot study properly.

With the advent of the internet. The level of intelligence has gone down. It’s not because there are fewer smart people in the world, it’s that there are more dumb people taking to the internet and getting popular for no other reason than being entertaining. But that is the dangerous game the internet is playing right now. The more these people spew their lies the more it becomes the mainstream. As the old saying goes “tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.” They spew it so that it makes it believable and that is what makes them dangerous.

TV has no way of competing against that. No way to counteract information at your fingertips. The smartphone energised the internet to be millions of times more powerful than the computer could ever do. That is why the world at this point is so desensitised to the suffering of anyone.

The same goes for our schools. They have no way to compete with the energised internet. Why go to school when you can learn it at any time anywhere in the world. But without the school system the pushing you to achieve certain goals in a certain time frame is gone. There is no motivation to learn other than financial reasons. We are motivated to make money and that is all.

And that is why the present sees many more people with less intelligence out there than there used to be fifty years ago. People are forgetting to actually learn.

I went to university because I wanted to learn something. It was a fascinating place to go to. See the history and cultures at play. See firsthand how politics plays out. The university was a microcosm of the real world. You get to interact with the real world but not affect it. You can experiment and see the consequences. Hone your skills before really going out into the world. Yet now it’s the Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg style of doing it. Quit university and make it big. Mind you I am not saying they are bad for what they did. They did it because it was the best way for them. But in doing so they popularised the notion that going to university and getting a degree was not rewarding. This is not their fault, it is just the fact that they became successful that made their way of doing things popular.

There are a lot of people out there who think they can make it. But they forget one thing. Making it without education is impossible. Steve Jobs learnt many things before dropping out. Mark Zuckerberg learnt a great deal before dropping out. They had the motivation to learn. People today only want the quick fix, they want to be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg without the education without the learning. They think the internet is all they need. Learning must be a continuous journey. You cannot do some here and then some there and call it learning. Few people can but not many.

We must make a stand here. Humanity has lost its way, it is driven by a force of distrust. Forcing people to distrust everything. When people talk about others in a bad way that is a personal attack on them not on their actions then you know they are spewing crap, because that is the only thing they can attack because they know they cannot win on factual arguments. Do not attack people personally, if you don’t agree with them. Take issue with what and how they do things, let them explain what they are doing if they are wrong it will come out. If they are right then they will convince you of it.

Do things because it is right. because it is good. Do it through kindness. The kinder you are to the people around you the more people will be kinder to each other. Kindness is infectious. Please be kind. Or humanity will die here. This is our last stand.

Until next time. Stay Safe, Stay Cool, and above all else be kind to thy neighbours.

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