DJCyberPhilosophy: To Hate is Exhausting

To hate some person is just as much hard work as to love someone. So to hate someone is exhausting if not more so than to love someone. So why hate? It’s exhausting and just a waste of your energy and time.

So why is hating someone exhausting? To love someone you need your heart and you must be able to give your whole heart to that persons. devote your life to that person and you must fight to hold that person in your life. To hate is the same but instead of using your heart to love you use your heart to hate. You devote yourself to depose the person for what ever they did and you fight to never forgive them.

Then why waste all that time and energy and devotion to hating someone when you could just walk away. Or even better learn to forgive. For whatever they did to you the pain will always be there whether you forgive them or not so why add hate into the mix. It just adds more stress on yourself and your heart.

Take it from me hating is not really healthy. Especially when it’s self hatred. You cannot go own if you keep hating yourself or anyone else. It will eat you up inside until you cannot breath.

The first step to stop hating is to forgive. Forgive yourself for hating then forgive the hated for whatever they did. Or if you cannot do that walk away.

So until next time stay safe stay cool and learn to forgive yourself and others.

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