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DJCyberPhilosophy: War is the Bloodiest Path to Peace

Why do people go to war? Why do they want to inflict pain and suffering on others? What do they gain from it? The simplest answer is greed. Yes greed, greed is the mother of all evil. One country coverts another for its land, for its resources, or even just for the money in that country.

That is the simplest answer but that is not always the case. Most countries go to war due to fear and insecurities. What do they fear? Their biggest fear is the loss of control. As countries are become stronger, they fear the loss of dominance and the loss of respect, that they have built up. By doing what they fear the most putting fear into others.

Their is another reason revenge. This is one of the bloodiest of all the wars. Because where as with the other reasons you only disagree with the governing body of the country in question, but with revenge it is personal and with that the goal is attained without thought of consequences. The destruction is more indiscriminate.

War is the bloodiest path to peace, no matter which reason for that war. The peace gained from this is at the cost of human lives on both sides. There is only a cessation of hostilities not really a peace. The only reason war has stopped is because one side no longer has the appetite for fighting or both sides have come to a mutual agreement. The emotions left will not heal for at least a long while and the ramifications can still be felt long after the war. The people who lose are the ones on the streets the normal people.

Yet we still have war to this day. Why is that? These are the ramifications of World War II. The emotions of the cold war. The inability to put things behind and move forward. As a great man once said “We are but one race under the heavens.” Yet we still let our children play with dangerous toys.

This world of ours has a long way to go before we can even explore the nature of this universe. We haven;t even understood the nature of our own sins. Greed has been allowed to fester and the status quo has been to compromising for anyone to make use of life on the planet. For all to have genuine peace real peace in our time then we must all start to fight. Not with fear or anger but with love. Fighting with fear and anger is easy. Right now I feel angry at one person, but that will not win the war. It will only delay the inevitable our mutual destruction. You must let the anger go and find love for the person you have anger with and that is the most difficult war you have to fight the one inside. Fighting with fear is easy, but fighting with love is the most difficult of all. And until we learn to fight with love then I’m afraid wars like the ones today will only continue

Until next time Stay Safe, I really mean it Stay Safe, Stay Cool and learn to fight with love.

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