DJCyberPhilosophy: Learning is Not Just Knowing

What is the difference between learning and knowing? Learning is applying what was learnt in a completely new situation. Knowing and regurgitating is not learning.

When do you learn something? When you can apply that to a new situation, without replaying the information.

Take what you have learnt apply to something that has on the surface no relation to what you have been learning and see what becomes of it. If it pans out you have learnt something. If it does not you have also learnt that this is not with using in that situation.

Learning is the process of trying and devising new ways of using old information, old techniques to try and solve new problems that arise in your life. That is learning. It is a journey of self discovery, for the biggest thing your will learn is more about yourself.

What you know is finite what you learn can be infinite. Keep on learning and stop trying to know things.

So until next time stay safe stay cool and stay learned.

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