DJCyberPhilosophy: You are an Emotional Creature

From the moment you were born your emotions start to evolve and become a focal point your upbringing. There is no single emotion there must always be opposite emotion pairs. For without experiencing one you cannot know the other. Without sadness one can never know what true happiness is and vice versa.

From a very young age we have been taught to channel good emotions into whatever we do and try an suppress the baser emotions. By suppressing those base emotions we loose our sense of good, happiness, successes, because we have forgotten what it feels like to be happy, or what good feels like, or even how sucess should look.

We should be dealing with our base emotions by not suppressing them but by channeling them into what we do. Say you are writing music and you feel frustrated by not getting any ideas down. Why not channel that frustration into the sounds in your song maybe by designing harsh sounds that channels your frustrations and see how that helps your flow. Do not take bad emotions and defeat in your dealings with life use those emotions to your advantage. It is those emotions that relieve the stresses in life if you use them wisely enough.

When your feeling sad write a sad song, poem or story. Let your emotions guide your creativity. Do not let them guide your actions. Letting emotions guide your actions will only lead to suffering. Guiding your creativity will lead to new and unexplored dimensions of your life.

That is how you should look at using your emotions. Use them as your inspiration, the jumping off point into a whole new you. A whole new self-consciousness. Let your actions guide your emotions and then let your emotions guide your creative awareness.

Until next time stay safe, stay cool, and stay emotional.

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