DJCyberPhilosophy: Hardships make Success

When you have fallen on hard times do you feel that all you have done is of no consequence? All that you have achieved is for nought? Well let me tell you it’s not for nothing. Hardships are a test of your resilience. They are the mother of all extraordinary destinies.

You cannot succeed without ever failing. If everything were that simple you would never survive in real life. It would just be a dream. Your hardships and how you deal with them will make you a better person. Will push you to be more creative, come up with more ingenious ways to make things work. Even make you think about how to create money.

I am in the midst of my own crisis at the moment. I am finding out how resilient I can be. I have no real idea if I will be able to get out of this mess I created but I’m sure not going to stay down and out. I will claw my way back to the top. I have more ideas left to try to get out of this crisis. So be assured I will still be around and fighting my way to the top.

So you should as well. Yes it will make you scared maybe even have panic attacks now and then. I sure did get them. But you keep telling yourself life does not give you dead ends. It gives you opportunities to excel beyond your own means and become someone you are meant to be. A person of success.

So until next time stay safe stay cool, and work out those hardships and become extraordinarily successful.

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