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DJCyberPhilosophy: Focus on What You Need to do Now

There is a saying “Tomorrow will never come, yesterday is always gone.” So why dwell on the things that will never be? Yes you set a goal for the future but you do not linger on that goal you take steps to attain that goal. And those steps must be taken now in the present moment if not then the goal will never be achieved and your tomorrow will never arrive.

Yes making mistakes can set you back from attaining your goal faster but dwelling on your mistakes and not learning from them will make your goal unattainable. Yes learning from your mistakes is important but harping on them will not make a mistake disappear so let it go and move on.

You focus needs to be on the pulse of the present. For it is here that you will make a stand and fight for the future. You cannot fight for the future just by dreaming about it. You cannot fight for the future while commiserating in the past. You mind must be here in the now. For it is now that is in our control. We cannot control what will become our future we can only guide towards where we are headed. We cannot change the past for it has gone, been there done that. So why not just focus on what you need to do now to make that future of yours more likely to happen.

In this universe there are not certainties other than there is still a lot of unknowns. Everyday we make the amount of unknowns smaller by focusing on the present and chip away at the unknowns not by trying leap into the ocean of unknown and see if we can make heads or tails of it. Use what has been learnt from the past and push forward so the future will be a less of an unknown.

So stopping looking to far ahead, look at what you have now and go from there and stop looking back all the time, just glance back see the mistake learn from it and then turn to what is need now.

Until next time stay safe stay cool and work on your now.

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