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DJCyberPhilosophy: New Year’s Resolution and Why They Won’t Work

Do you make list of your new year’s resolution? And each year do you ever achieve those resolutions?

Well like all goals unless you plan on the how of reaching those goals you will not achieve them.

Rather than make resolutions that you will not ever come back to, make a plan to achieve a goal by the end of January and then when you achieve it you plan for the next goal for February and so on and so forth.

Each goal you create must be attainable within the month so you won’t get dejected and stop making any more plans. So make you goals easy at first so that you give your mind the experience of achievement and therefore gives you the necessary lift to keep going higher on your goals.

So the January goals should be easy. The February goal should get slightly higher and harder and by the time you get to December you should be aiming for the resolution you were going to make in January.

My goal is to be able to live comfortably off my income of my musical endeavours that is my goal for December. Now for January I will be putting out a new single and then another single each month after that for six months and then put out my EP in July. Now I did not use my main goal from the outset because it would be too hard to fulfil within a month or two so I have set smaller goals that I know I can attain and give the boost I need to attain my main objective by December.

So as for whatever resolution you want to achieve start off with smaller goals that will help you towards the main resolution and don’t start off with it.

So until next time stay safe stay cool and make simple goals to attain and build your self confidence for the main event.

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