DJCyberPhilosophy: A Journey of Self Reflection

Running away was my way of dealing with unhappy situations. I ran away from my home because I was unhappy with my situation there. I ran away from my jobs because I hated the work place there.

But every time I ran away I leant something. I learnt that I had to deal with the unhappy situations or it will always take me down and destroy all that I am. I would never achieve my goals by running.

I had to stop. And having stopped, I have begun to achieve what I have always wanted to achieve. Making and sharing my music. Making those that listen to my music happier than before they had listened and building the wonderment in their hearts and filling their souls with joy.

The only challenge left is time. I have to succeed before my time is up. Before I lose everything I own. And I am not running away from this challenge. I owe that to myself. I have to know that I am capable of succeeding. In the face of desolation.

I hope that you will support in my quest for success. I hope that you will keep enjoying my music and my philosophical outlook on life. That will give me the impetus to keep going and not run away from this final challenge.

Thank you for listening during this year this will be the final post for this year. I will be going on holidays for a few weeks and be back in January with new topics to discuss and share with you.

So until January stay safe stay cool and stick with the challenges that are facing you.

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