Peace won by inner conflict

DJCyberPhilosophy: What Happiness Is Not

Being happy and your happiness are two different things altogether. Being happy is only momentary whereas depending on your attitude towards life happiness can be long term. So what is meant by happiness?

Well let’s start off with being happy. When you achieve something you will feel happy but you do not achieve things every moment of your life so you will not always be happy. Whereas if you went through some calamity and came out the other side still living, and you are glad to have gone through that experience then your happiness level will rise.

Happiness is about not just getting through calamity but also appreciating the experience that you went through because it has taught you something about yourself. You will then gain happiness.

Life is not always as straight forward as you would like it to be. Good never comes in pairs and calamity never travels alone. Some may even say it comes in threes. So when you are confronted with these calamities and yet still achieved something that deserves to be appreciated and your happiness will grow.

That is the difference between being happy and your happiness. So until next time stay safe, stay cool and build your happiness now by appreciating all that you have been through, whether it be sad, aggravating, embarrassing or good.

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