DJCyberPhilosophy: The Endangered Self

There are times when you have nothing in you life. You feel empty, void of anything good. It is at those times that you should love yourself the most, for there is no one else out there who will.

At the highest point in your life everything goes well. Toning could go wrong and everyone adores you for it. Then little by little things turn against you. It’s small at first and you don’t even notice or give a second thought about it. But after a while things that you did so well before begin to crumble in you hands. Like a well built sand castle it falls apart because there is nothing left to hold it together. Then those whose admired you begin to turn away, they are no longer enamoured by you or what you do. They begin to shun you and you feel like you’re an outcast. No longer their shining light you are the trash they have thrown to the curb.

That is when you should realise that are of no consequence to you. You are nothing to them so they should be nothing to you. The relationships with those people are fleeting at best. Enjoy it but do not linger upon it. Once gone, let them go. The first and foremost should be you own self worth. Do you feel you are doing well and are they really that important to who you are. In the end the relationship you have with yourself is the one that will last forever. So you should treat yourself better that anyone of those around you. Pay the first compliment to yourself then to those around you. Of course to not let it go to your head, narcissism is not what I’m talking about. It is self confidence, self esteem, that you need to build not self love.

I have been very harsh on myself lately and things have not panned out well because of it. Then I achieved something, even though it was a small and insignificant achievement, I just said to myself well done. Boy just those two words can really build motivation inside. When was the last time you payed yourself a compliment? Give it a go and see how it feels.

Until next time Stay Safe, Stay Cool, and make sure to pay yourself a few compliments before then.

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