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DJCyberPhilosophy: What happened the last two weeks

Once again apologies for missing last weeks DJCyberPhilosophy. I have been through hell and back the last two weeks. Now I work at three different places for my occupation, at those place I work a full three weeks at each before moving on to the next place.

This week and the last two weeks I have been working at my least favourite of places. Why? Well first off there is a person there who thinks she is the boss even though she has no qualifications nor the position of authority there, but those higher ups just turn a blind eye to her way of doing things. And the moral of the whole place is at its lowest no one ca;solve problems because they are never given the chance to as she will try to solve the problem and she wants to look good in front of the clients. (She thinks she is the face of the place.)

Secondly the people I have to work with are so inept at communication that I get stressed out just trying to do what they need me to do. They push me to do things that no one should ever need to do. The only reason they really want me to do it is because they are too lazy to work and they just want a break. Even when the schedule is too tight they will unreasonable push forward with no real time for preparation. I just have to do it on a wing and a prayer.

I know I should stop working you say. But the other two place I work at are just great. The atmosphere is grand the people communicate what they need well before I even get there and then when things go sideways we are able to move things around because the communication is there and because the preparation has already been done moving the schedule around does not affect me all that much.

Then to top it all off while practicing for the festival last week one of the people I work with there told I had made a mistake in my performance, I acknowledged it and then tried to explain why the mistake occurred, but he just kept harping on it. Others around me made mistakes yet nothing only me. He was just getting at me because I was the only one he can “push around” since I am the youngest there. I almost lost it right there and then. I really do not know what to do sometimes.

Here is my solution. On the Friday when I nearly lost it, it was lucky that afterwards some of my other festival friends had a small get together to have drinks and late dinner, it was where I could let loose and tell them how I felt and what really was going on. All the pent up frustrations just poured out and it was a relief to get it out.

You cannot leave things like that inside you must get it out someway and never with anger as that will lead to more trouble than it is worth. Find your true friends and let them hear your side of the story and then if they are truly your friends they will tell you to have a drink and let it go. And not to worry about. It is enough that they listen.

Well until next time stay safe stay cool and let it go.

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