DJCyberPhilosophy: Being in a rut

When you have been doing well for so long then all of a sudden you change you habits and all your inspiration, ideas, and passion all fly out the window and all you left with is the shell of what once was. What do you do?

In most cases you can do a few things. One change how you create, two change your attitude towards what you were doing, three, try some other stuff to get your ideas. Or just fight through it.

Creating music for me has always been a quick, set the idea down and then work through the idea until it’s a fully fledged song. So if I cannot get the idea to flow, I usually just try a new song in a completely different genre to my usual genres of choice. It one of the ways I try to change how I create.

My have attitude has always been to work quick and change quick. If that is not working then I change and say let’s work on one track slowly but surely and work on details first then see what the big picture looks like afterwards. Changing the attitude of how you work can give you different perspectives on the music you create or whatever art you produce.

When the above two ideas are not working, I change tactics and try a different art form. The different art will give you a different insight into your artistic point of view and may bring new inspiration to your work. I usually try photography or videography to get my ideas flowing.

If all else fails there is the just use the idea your not happy with and just push it to the end as far as it will go. You might be surprised how good the original idea might be in its full form. A musical fragment might not be great but you might find the fully arranged song be pretty cool. You might feel a chord progression might work well but when fleshed out into a full arrangement you feel that it fits just perfectly into you masterpiece.

Whatever way you may choose to get out of a rut, just do not discount the other ways either, you may find that those other ways maybe a great inspiration to you in the future as well.

So until next time, stay safe, stay cool, and keep on pushing through your limitations.

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