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DJCyberPhilosophy: Failing is NOT an Option

We go through life as if everything is happy and carefree. Yet nothing is fulfilling. If we are at peace then we have failed at what we wanted to do.

Everything we do in life should be a struggle. Whether it is to be a doctor or the best sports person, or the next legendary DJ/Produce. Once you have achieved that then it’s on to the next struggle. Once you are at peace then you have failed to live you fullest potential.

You should fight for what you want, for your goals. I don’t mean go to war. I mean fight by working hard for your goals. Learning the lesson of your struggles and going at it again with the new knowledge gained from the setbacks in you path to glory. Yes I mean it glory. It does not have to mean fame and fortune, it means personal glory that one of you goals have been met. And you move on to the next one.

Life is to short to be content with happiness and no new knowledge. Take aim at a goal work hard to achieve it. Really achieve it. Do not let go of the goal you set. You can of course modify it to fit in with your life at present but do not give up on it. Giving up is failure. And failure is not an option.

So go out and fight for you goals. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Use your knowledge from life lessons to move closer to your goal. Fight with you mind, your words, and your actions. Not with your fists. Fists only achieve bruising and injury. There are no lesson learned from there.

So until next time Stay safe, Stay Cool, and take on the world to get to your goal.

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