DJCyberPhilosophy: Life is Marketing

Life is marketing. I do not mean selling yourself at all costs. I mean by showing your best self to others and finding those who like your kind of personality. Then you start a relationship with those people. And it is those relationships that I call marketing.

In any business to get people to buy your product you need to know who your product is for. And to find out who is that kind of a person you need to know those people. As a business you do not need to know them literally, but you need to know enough of their personality to strike up a relationship with them. Once you have that relationship you can begin to sell them you product.

Now with humans the product is you. You have to find the people you like to have a relationship with, then you need to get to know people to find out if they are who you are looking for and then strike up a relationship with them. Then you can sell them you product you. The difference being is that you are not exchanging money but exchanging emotions, feelings and experiences.

Also in business after selling you need to keep those relationships going or you will lose your customers and opportunities to resell or upsell them newer or different products.

So in life you need to do the same keep those relationships, so that you can have the opportunity to grow and watch the relationship blossom into friendships, kinships, or even romantic relationships. Whatever the case maybe if you do not try to keep the relationship going you will loose those opportunities. And you will. It have the emotional experiences to help you mature in life.

Marketing is about gaining relationships, not about selling. So stop trying to tell people how’s good you are let your actions speak for themselves. Your actions will attract the many people and then it’s up to you to choose with whom to have a relationship. There is an old saying, you cannot choose who is in your family but you can choose who to have relationships with. So choose wisely and you will have a prosperous and long life.

So until next time stay safe, stay cool, and market yourself well.

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