DJCyberPhilosphy: Being off kilter

Hope this is finding you well.

Have you ever had a day where things are never going the right way? But it is not quite wrong either. Everything is just slightly off kilter and you cannot quite put your finger of what is causing it.

Well for me this is one of those days. Today the morning started off as usual but when by the afternoon things were not as they should be. First there was this niggling pain in my hand that just begun out of nowhere. I had people talk to me and then ignore me the moment I began to speak. It was like they were there just to tell me something and then were not there to listen. After that I said to myself that is it. I am not going to take this anymore and just shut myself down for the day.

Usually when these types of days happen I shut myself down and just do something out of the ordinary alone. That way the feelings that I have of being of kilter is being overwritten by this new sense of adventure for want of a better word. This usually takes at most twelve hours to get over. A good nights sleep will force my mind to purge the odd feelings and then the next morning should be right as rain again and I get a fresh start.

So whenever you have this kind of day, try not to keep with the routine but change it up and do something out of the ordinary. Like writing a blog. And then sleep it off. Do let the feeling linger for too long or it will start to affect your every actions and then affect those around you.

Now until next time go do something adventurous and stay safe, stay cool and take on the world.

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