DJCyberPhilosophy: Born into Suffering

When we are born we would suffer a fate worse than death if we were not taken care of by our parents. We are born helpless. Our only instincts are to suckle and cry. From then on we learn to overcome adversity and suffering or we will fail in life.

We are born into suffering but we learn to overcome that suffering by taking our weaknesses and supplant it with other’s strengths. Helping others with our strengths. Working as a team we can defeat any adversity that heads our way.

Like anything in life success is never first and failure is inevitable. It is our will to stand up and help others stand back up that we will endeavour to succeed in any and all that we do. Our human will is humanity’s greatest strength. Our greed is our greatest weakness. Yet if we stand together we will inevitably win.

So until next time stay safe stay cool, and pull together to face our greatest adversary to ever stand in our way. Ourselves.

PS. Apologies for not having a post last week as I had sides effect really kick hard after I had my second vaccine injection.

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