DJCyberPhilosophy: Privacy

What is privacy? Is it important for you?

The dictionary definition a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people; the state of being free from public attention. That is for the person. What about your smart phone? Or your social media accounts?

For many of us the smart phone is the extension of ourselves so the phone needs to be locked down as much as possible. The more we put on the phone the more dangerous the phone becomes if you lose control of it. The question of if we lose control but when we lose control.

What we use the phone for is more and more to do with social media. Social media is where our privacy gets lost. I do not believe that privacy is an issue on social media, since the very nature of social media is to be public, but it is how the social media companies find out who we are that is destroying our privacy on the phone. If they want to know about us they should ask and most often we will give it. But because of how these social media companies and abused the way they get our data, trying to ask people now would of course lead to more no’s.

So to protect your privacy do not allow the companies to take your data without your knowledge. You are in control of who you are not the social media companies.

Until next time stay safe stay cool, and stay in control of who you are.

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