DJCyberPhilosophy: What we do here and now

We live our lives for ourselves for that is the selfish nature of our evolution, the will to survive. We need to survive to take care of our families take care of our friends. We accumulate things to keep ourselves happy, to occupy our bored minds.

Yet we have forgotten one detail we have forgotten to take care of our human society. Not the local society that we live in. But the entire planet. We all have selfish motives to live we should make that selfishness about humanity. We need to be selfish about human lives. Then and only the will humanity live forever.

We stand at the precipice of calamity. Our world is imploding. Our societies are to closed off from one another that we have no care for other’s well-being unless it intersects with our own. The future seems bleak.

But you have it within you to change it. What you do here and now will change the way history sees you. Will you allow what you do to wither in the vines of life, or will you nurture and grow those vines so that life will lead on. Your longevity is not how long you live is how long you will stay in the memories of those still living.

Until next time stay safe stay cool and do something for the world and be remembered for it.

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