DJCyberPhilosophy: Fear is not the Enemy

Most people say that fear is the enemy of all. But people are not really afraid of being afraid. Do you know what most people are really afraid of, especially men?

They are afraid of being irrelevant. They fear that their lives have no meaning in the grand scheme of things so they do everything they can to be so called relevant. What they do not realise, is they and everyone in this world is irrelevant. We will always be a footnote in history. Even those whose will go down in history for good or bad will all be just that a part of human history.

They rely too much on notoriety and flattery that they forget what being relevant means anymore. Being famous or being a personality is not being relevant. It is doing a service to others. They are being in the service of their fans. That is not relevancy.

Being relevant is being a part of those who need you the most. Those that rely on you, those that you rely on. Being a part of someone’s life and making that life an important one. That is what relevancy is all about. Fame is a by product of service. Not relevancy.

Those who want the limelight and do anything to get it are irrelevant. They forget those who are near and dear to them. They have become what they fear the most irrelevant.

Do not seek out fame let your service to your people speak. Your fans will find you. Do not seek the limelight let the limelight fall on your abilities and prowess. And be relevant to those who matter to you most and those you matter to most. And as the great Bard said, “this above all else to thine own self be true.”

And as always stay safe, stay cool and may your relevancy be sustained throughout history.

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