True Power

DJCyberPhilosophy: What is true power?

Many people think that power is held by the elite few, who were born into aristocracy or those in government. That is not power, that is the just bullies who have the means to get away with whatever they do. Take away their money take away their position and what can they do. Nothing, because they never had true power. They never had the responsibility of what it means to have true power.

True power, the only power that counts, is facing one’s worst fears and holding them in your hands and crushing them till there is no more. Then and only then will one have true power. Power to triumph over any adversary. With fear taken care of you have the power to do anything your will desires.

Does crushing fear mean killing or maiming those you fear? No it does not. It means to stand up to your fears using your skills to reduce them to a mere annoyance then putting them in their place. Violence is never the answer because violence is born from fear. The old adages “Strike before they strike you”, or “strike them hard so they never strike back.” Feels good but what have you crushed? Nothing, all you have done is fallen for the fear of revenge, fear of retaliation. The best fight is a fight that never started.

Yes even doing evil comes from true power. True power is a weapon that is agnostic to agenda. You must wield it with care that is why those in government have no power they only lie, cheat coerce, persuade, and blackmail each other to get what they want done.

Each form of government has its own fallacies, democracy mixed with greed leads to blackmail. Totalitarianism leads to persecution of innocents. Yet each leads their peoples with fear not power. If all the peoples were to stand up as one then who then has the power?

True government must strike a balance between democracy and totalitarianism. Using true power to lead rather leading its fear. True leadership come the people. They should tell those in government what to do. Not the other way around.

Until next time try to crush your fear with your intelligence and stay safe stay cool, and may true power be within your grasp.

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