Peace won by inner conflict

DJCyberPhilosophy: Peace is worth fighting for.

Whether you believe that peace is where everyone is celebrating the differences in each other or whether you feel that peace is when everyone should believe in each other, it makes no difference. Peace is can only be had when you have fought for it. I do not mean that you must have war to have peace. NO. I mean you must fight to resolve your conflicts then true peace can be had.

Peace cannot be made if you still have inner conflict. When you resolve you inner demons find the compromise you need to stop you inner conflict then and only then can you begin to resolve the conflicts without. Peace begins in the soul.

Once inner conflict is over the next step is to resolve you conflict within your family. Then you neighbourhood, then society, then finally you country. If you look around the world at present the conflict of people is over minute details that were never resolved in the heart and has bled into society and then the countries as a whole and that has built up a lot of hatred inside societies around the world. Everyone is afraid of the person next to them, of who they might be. Yet the fear they have is of themselves. They fear who they themselves are and who they might become and not trying to create the person they want to become.

All conflicts are based on fear. Yet when you step beyond that fear you see there is nothing about the conflict that is real, just your fear being irrational. It is also this irrationality that can be used for creative good and to resolve those conflicts. You must control the irrationality, use it for the better of all around you. Let it control you and you will be consumed with fear.

How do you control that irrationality? You do not. Trying to control something irrational is like trying to move a building just by pushing with your hands. You let the irrationality flow through you let it settle and then ignore it. Reacting to irrational thoughts is absurd. Ignoring it will make it irrelevant. Irrational thoughts are just social media trolls of you own mind. Do not try to change the thought think on it, and then ignore it.

Then when you see an opportunity to use that thought is a positive and helpful way to all then you can use it. If you see comedy that is the best way to use irrational thoughts because it makes people see the irrationality and makes them laugh about it. There are many other ways to use those irrational thoughts. You have to find the one that works for you. Mine is my music making.

So go out and fight for your peace by fighting your inner irrationality. Unit next time Stay safe, stay cool.

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