DJCyberPhilosophy: An apology

Yes I would like to make an apology this should have been posted yesterday, but due to my emotional state that I got myself into I just could not do a darn thing.

So what happened that would get me into this kind of state. I allowed other people’s opinion get to me. I was fine for most of the day but when I got home after work the depression hit like a sledge hammer. Now I do not get depressed all that often and even when I do it is not this severe. So why did it hit so bad?

Well a few weeks ago I posted about my step-father passing away. Well that definitely caused the depression I felt last night. For me grieving I a long and arduous process. The emotions just get bottled up inside because I have no outlet other than my music but even that is never enough to let the emotions free.

So last night when I got home while sitting in the car I had to let myself cry even for a little, because I knew that if it did not come out then it would be a even worse situation to erupt out and may cause others pain.

So for this I truly apologise and hope that this post will give you some insight into my way of thinking in term of depression and grief.

Do not get me wrong I am not saying that everyone should be Ike me when they grieve or even when they get depressed. I have a handle on my depression not everyone does. So if you or someone you know who is suffering please seek help even just talking to someone will help. I am also here to listen if you would like. Please contact me I will try and help where I can and make sure that if you need professional help I will make sure to let you know to get help.

Until next time stay safe stay cool, find help if need be and 🖖🏽

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