DJCyberPhilosophy: Riding the Good Times

There will always be good times, and there will always be and times. It is the good times that stay in our hearts that get us through the bad times. So when you are going through a good patch in life treasure it. Hold it to your heart and never let go.

For it is that that will get you through bad times that will certainly be coming around the corner.

If you are going through a rough patch just remember the good times that you had just before you hit this rough patch and focus on it as you go through the tough times and it will pull you through. Trust in life that when bad times come, good times will be around the next corner. Treasure the good and make it part of your life’s habit of put good times in your long term memory.

I hold on to the good times as I am going through this rough patch in my life. Nothing has panned out so far but I know that I am just a turn away from putting this behind me.

Stay safe sat cool and here’s to all the good times in your life.

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