DJCyberPhilosophy: Grief, a Necessary Evil

When someone close has moved on you must allow yourself time to grieve. You can delay it for only so long when you r subconscious make you grieve.

Grief is a necessary evil that will hurt you, anger you, makes you feel distressed and makes you feel vulnerable.

I have said it once before, when I was a teenager my father passed and I just kept the feelings bottled up inside because I felt I had to be a man and take it and become my father. But two years later out of the blue I just stated crying, I couldn’t hold it in any more, the strain of keeping it inside was too much it just had to be let go.

Now my step father has passed and I am in the grieving process again but this time I will let it out gradually rather than trying to keep it in.

It will take time and you just have to feel those feelings. All of them not just the good feelings but the vulnerability and the sadness, the disbelief and the anger. Let you heart be raw and tender for a while let the pain in and then push through it. On the other side you will find you will be wiser stronger and more tolerant of others.

Those who do not tolerate are those who have not grieved for their loss. Loss does not just mean those close to us but also the things that mean a lot to us. Our homes, our heirlooms, and things of that nature when lost will also force grief upon us. So grieve and push through.

You alone must grieve, but you don’t have to be alone.

Stay safe stay cool and bye for now.

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