DJCyberPhilosophy: Is there such thing as evil?

In the world around us we have see very bad things happen to many people around the world. Is that because there is a thing called evil? Da evil in this world is only the actions of certain people who are not supervised properly. When there are no checks and balances people do things for the better of themselves and themselves only.

But is that true evil? Or is it just the goals of certain people not benefiting the human race as a whole but only certain minute portions of it? At the heart of all things bad is greed and jealousy. All else is just the consequence of those two emotions.

Discrimination of all kinds stems from greed and jealousy. The “I am special so you can’t have what I have. So you are not worthy of my status. I am better than you.” Sometimes you get discriminated against because you have what they cannot get. So there is the two worst emotions in human kind, greed makes people unwilling to share, and jealousy makes people unwilling to accept everyone has differing lifestyles.

Because they are emotions they are nurtured into us. It is harder to learn greed and jealousy. So back to the first question? Is there is evil in the world? The answer to that is yes, but not what you may think of as evil. True evil are those who turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. That is a sign of greed, “you do not deserve my time nor my compassion.” Unwilling to share the pain and lend a helping hand.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a righteous man. I have failed sometimes to do my bit, life ebbs and flows so there are good days for me and bad days. I help out at times and I fall prey to the inner greed of not wanting to share. In the end I hope that the good days will outweigh the bad and I will have made a great impact to those I come in contact with.

So look around you can you see someone that you can help out. Or can you find someone that can help you out. I am here if you need help. I will try to do what I can do help out.

Until then stay safe stay cool and do not give in to greed nor jealousy.

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