DJCyberPhilosophy: Darkness

In age of an ultra partisan world, darkness is beginning to take over the world. It is a darkness that is far stronger than any threat that has faced us before. It is born of hatred. A hatred of change, and a hatred of being left behind.

It is not a darkness of the skies above, nor a darkening of the stories we tell our children. It is more sickening than that. It is the darkening of our hearts. As hatred takes hold of our hearts and souls, they will wither and die. Holding on to hatred needs energy the same amount of energy that makes us happy. As the hatred zaps our happiness our hearts will becoming weaker and we will tend to listen to craziness and believe that it is true. Hatred is more biased than those who are happy. And the darkness blinds us to the truth.

The truth is that we were not left behind by the change. We just cannot bring ourselves to go with the flow. We are all rebellious in nature. Some of us more than others. Those who suck it up and go with the flow and make changes with the flow will survive. Those who do not will be left in darkness.

So keep the darkness in check if you meet someone who has befallen this darkness, shine a light on them and show them the way. Not by telling them they are wrong but by telling them where they are and what they can achieve by turning to the light.

The right and the left will never agree. So do not try to make them agree. Just tell them what can be achieved.

So until next time stay safe stay cool and turn to the light and reject all the hatred in your heart. It will only cause you pain.

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