DJCyberPhilosophy: Endings

What happens at the end of life? What is beyond death? If you believe in any sort of religion you may believe there is a heaven. If you don’t you might believe there is nothing an end.

So what makes endings fascinating to us humans? It is because it is literally something that we do not know about and we cannot find out about it until we actually die. That is what scares and fascinates us about it. So how should we meet death?

We should meet death the same way we meet life. Head on with skinned knees and bruises. If you treat death as a friend you will be able to live longer as you treat friends with respect and they will treat you well. So will death treat you with respect, and only take you when you are ready.

When you have lived a life of trials and tribulations, happiness and grief, experienced and that there is to offer and have nothing to regret then you are ready.

Steve Jobs once said “death is the greatest invention”. He is correct it keeps us on our toes and if you do not respect it then it will take you down.

So live life to the fullest but always keep death at a respectful distance.

Until next time stay safe stay cool and bye for now.

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