DJCyberPhilosphy In Peace We Trust

Peace can only be obtained if everyone is willing to give up what they have now. We cannot have peace and still keep the status quo of today. Our ways are too ingrained with insensitivities of others. We as a human society are too sociopathic and insensitive to other sufferings.

The internet is full of information but to use that information you must research it and parse it. Our news is only one sided and they spew out what they think is the truth but it is only the truth they wish to tell you not what is needed to understand the situation. As people hear the news they then turn to the internet to find the information that confirms what they hear. Peace can not be had if we keep on this confirmation bias. And in turn keep the status quo.

Forget trying to keep the past only remember the past to not repeat it. That is how peace is achieved. Yet so far humanity has still not learned from the past. They just want what they had.

In peace we trust stop wanting what is past but embrace what is to come. And stay safe, stay cool, and see you next time.

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