DJCyberPhilosophy Week 11 A Story of Change

Universe speed, the universe began and everything we know is all wrapped up inside it. We don’t ever know if there is an outside let alone anything outside it. All we know is the universe is speeding to a destination. And that is the end of the universe.
Destiny, but endings are never important as the journey that we took to get there. each moment we travel closer to our destination is a moment to cherish that is our destiny.
Once in a lifetime love, Our lives begin from birth we grow old, we fall in love and we fall sick and we move on. True Love is but once in a life time
True love once found is Something Real, it may or may not last a life time but the experience will be forever.
Don’t try to make it better try to force Love just Be in the Moment, let it wash over you and let you heart experience that freedom
Kokoro the Japanese for the heart, the seat of all things love, pain, and heartache. Don’t hide fe pain let your heart experience it all.
When you do feel the pain, the heartache, I will be here, right behind you to guide you to pull you through, I am your shadow
During the pain you may feel trapped in darkness but as I am your shadow, where there is shadow, There is Light
Where there is light there will be change. Change is inevitable and and this moment time the Winds of Change are blowing, blowing head on into the future.
When that wind blows you should unfurl your sails and sail on Into the Future
Feel the change feel the Rapture as it takes you onto a different path of the journey
While on your journey and experiencing all the change you may get tired then take a rest from your journey at Home, but don’t stay long or time will pass you by.
Change may not always be for the better, but it will always be. So you must Rise to the Challenge to meet this change.
You may be overwhelmed by this change, fear not for you will Find a Way.
Once you have found that way the Impact you will feel will be most profound and a new experience to be notched into your belt of life.
You may feel that you are alone in life and no one else feels like you do you should not revel in your Solitude for long.
Though feeling alone may seem true, there is always Someone Like You out there.
Changes can be big or small, but all changes are significant so be aware of them as they may begin a Revolution
After the revolution all around you are Fallen Skies you begin the rebuilding of the new.
Everything of the past is All Gone so that you can begin a fresh new path of your journey.
And you are the Last Dancer to Make it through the change
Then you should Express Yourself in Dance by using your heart or as we all know Love.

That is all for this week until next time Stay Safe, Stay Cool.

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