DJCyberPhilosophy Week 10 Change is Inevitable

There are three things that are certain in the universe death, taxes, and change. The first is obvious everything will end eventually, the second is mostly true, everyone payed taxes. But the third is difficult to imagine right?

Well in this life to effect change you must change the course of the societal inertia. Inertia is an objects ability to stay still or stay in constant motion. Societal inertia is huge and once society has its mind set on a direction it’s going to be a mammoth task to change it. You would need the same amount of larger to force that kind of change. Can one person do it? To effect change? No. But all it takes is one person to start and when enough people follow you start to change the heading of that society’s ship.

So don’t be afraid to stand you ground if you think society is heading the wrong way. If enough people see it your way they will change the course of society.

The danger to all civilisations is stagnation. All past empires fell because they were not willing to change with the times. By keeping the status quo the rotting parts of the society began to take hold, fester and spread throughout society and eventually causing the empire to collapse.

What is happening today is similar to what happened in the early empires. People see adversity but are unwilling to do anything about it because of inertia. But the winds of change are blowing. And change will happen whether it is the change you want or not. Change is always inevitable because the first certainty of the universe, death. Death always brings about change. Death of a family member, death of a society, death of an empire, even the death of the world. As a scholar once said nature abhors a vacuum and when death occurs change will sweep in and take over.

So rather than feel the winds of change be the winds of change and make things happen for the sake of our futures. Do not wait for society to collapse and die to try and do something about the world. Be the instigator of change. You alone might not change anything but your actions can and will influence others to do the same.

Until next time Stay safe, stay cool, and instigate change.

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