DJCyberPhilosophy Late Edition

What are you most afraid of? What is it that makes you hesitate? Is it the fear of failing someone else’s expectations?

I came up with an elegant solution.

Out of the blue she told me I had to go. She told me I was never hers in the first place. It was only a pipe dream. But she will never get me down.

The licences workaround to my life was to give up everything and start anew. Feeling Ike I had everything to lose, I took a leap of faith towards my own tomorrow and walked head on to meet it.

I have never looked back since. Five and half years and nothing to show for but my own happiness and glow. I feel the pain and that pain drives me on . Without my pain without my lows I could not be the person I am today.

Do you see what could be achieved when you hold on to the pain and let it guide you to the light. It’s worth all the fight.

From the moment you were born you are shielded from reality. AS you grow older the shields start to come down. And when they do you will be left naked and every hit you take will be more painful than the one before. Until you realise the pain is not pain at all but the fear. Your fear of the one place you cannot see or travel to. The future.

Yet fearing the future that could be then that is the future you will head to. If you trust yourself and fear not the future but embrace it, then you can mould it, move it cleanse it, for you hold the future in you own grasp and be it’s master.

Use the fear you feel to find your happiness by doing what you fear. If you fear it then you are heading in the right direction.

Until next time stay safe, stay cool, and embrace your fear.

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