DJCyberPhilosophy Week 6

11 March 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake shook north eastern Japan and created a devastating tsunami that killed many thousands of people and reek havoc on a nuclear power plant that would eventually explode and created a no go zone due to radiation that is still in place today.

I was and still living in central Japan. Where we only felt and gentle shudder. But as the new unfolded during the day the realisation of what actually happened began to sink in.

As an observer you can feel helpless unable to do anything to help out. You begin to doubt your goodness, your ability to do good in all situations. You are now relegated to a bystander watching what has unfolded before you thinking what you could have done if you were there. The best you can do is to donate as must help as you can, whether that is money, food or other essential items that is needed in emergencies like this. In the back of your mind you still think is that enough.

A friend once told me that as a supporter your job is not to lift everyone up your job is to give support so that those who have to do the job can with a little less pressure knowing there is support there. So do not doubt that you are doing enough. Your helping hand whether small of large will give those that need it that needed lift to get back to a normal life.

Life is a precious commodity. Cherish it. Live it. Do not try and find meaning in life and in why things happen. Make the meaning that is your life, by making of with the things that happen.

Tenth Anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. To all those that lost their lives may they rest in peace. To those that have survived honour those who have fallen by living on, we will keep their memories alive.

Until next time.

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