DJCyberPhilosophy Week 4

In this weeks edition we look and how to be more than the some of your parts, how to do better in anything and where to go when you think you have reached the top.

Firstly, you are more than what you have made or done. What you have created has affected others’ lives whether you know it or not. So keep that in mind when you create you next creation. Ask yourself is it enriching their lives? Or will it be a detriment to their lives? If it’s the former than continue, if it’s the latter then ask how can you change it so that it becomes an enrichment to people’s lives. By doing this your creations will be bigger and better than you imagined them to be.

Then you must be consistent to better yourself in anything you do. People have said that you haven’t mastered something unless you have done it for 10,000 hours. You don’t really need that much time all you need is consistency. The practice you get through consistent work at your chosen project will get you to the master level very quickly.

You have now mastered your project so you are at the panicle of whatever you do. Now what? The first thing you do is to throw out the thought that you are the best at what you do. There will always be someone better. If not today then tomorrow. So when you are at the top start you next project and start from the bottom and work you way to the top of that project. As an artist you cannot be skilled at only what you want to do. There are more skills that you must learn and master and even then you should be looking for other different skills to add to you artillery so that you can say you are different to all the others in your art or profession.

In the end it’s not just what you want to be but the skills you learn to help with that goal. If you achieve this then you are most definitely more than the some of your parts.

Take care and until next time stay safe stay cool and bye for now.

Now for you listening pleasure a replay of my Live Stream DJ mix: DJCyberStream Radio: You’re in Heaven Mix

And my latest music video for Station Keeping (Latest Techno Track)

Well that’s all for this week take care and as always stay safe stay cool and bye for now.

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